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Collection of Favored Attachable SUV Tents for Camping in SUV, Minivan - Tents and SUV Tent Liftgate Attachment Types

Truck tents and SUV tents are easy and simple ways to carry your campsite. You can get these tents with screen rooms, a rain fly and for multiple campers. You can even get a Roof Top Camping tent for the top of your car so you will be off the ground while sleeping.

Minivan and SUV owners can transform their vehicles with liftgate tents that wrap around their car's hatch / cargo area.

Below is a nice selection of SUV, CUV, Minivan and Truck camping tents and Rooftop Tents of all sizes and features!

Select From These Favored Truck and SUV Camping Tents that attach to SUVs, Minivans
More Favored Vehicle Camping Tents that attach to your Truck, SUV

9 Attachable SUV Tents for Camping at a Glance

Napier Sportz SUV Blue / Grey Tent with Screen Room, Rainfly, Awning, 2 Doors and 3 Windows
DAC Explorer 2 SUV Rear Liftgate Camping Tent
Napier Backroadz SUV Tent Green, Beige, Grey - SUV Tent Liftgate Attachment
Napier Sportz 82000 SUV, CUV Camping Tent for 4-5 Persons
Sportz Dome-To-Go Camping Tent for CUV, Hatchback or Station Wagon
Honda Genuine Factory OEM Tent, Fits Certain Models of CRV, Odyssey, Pilot and Element
DAC Full Size SUV Camper Top Tent
Hasika Awning Camper Trailer Roof Top Family Tent for Beach Camping, SUV, MPV, Hatchback and Sedan
Kodiak Canvas Short Pickup Truck Bed Full-Size Tent

Favored SUV Camping Tents

Sportz SUV Camping Tent with Screen Room
DAC Explorer 2 SUV Tailgate Tent, Camping
Napier Backroadz SUV Minivan Tent
Sportz SUV Blue / Grey Tents with Screen Room, Rain Fly, Canopy that attach to SUVs.
Explorer 2 SUV Liftgate Camping Tent
Napier Backroadz SUV Truck Tents
  • The Sportz SUV Tent attaches by wraping around the cargo area of your SUV allowing you access to your vehicle cargo area for storing gear or additional sleeping space.
  • No need to have to zip and unzip tent doors and open and close car doors to get something you need from your vehicle while camping in your SUV.
  • Remove vehicle sleeve for ground tent.
  • This camping tent comes with a removable screen room that gives you bug proof livability when in use.
  • Roomy 10' x 10' Sportz SUV tent with over 7 feet of headroom for comfortable camping.
  • Tent area sleeps 5 to 6 persons.
  • Steel and fiberglass pole structure for strength and stability.
  • Full length tape seamed rain fly with a 6' x 6' awning for shade.
  • 2 large entrance doors and 3 no-see-um mesh windows.
  • Your minivan or SUV with liftgate rear panel can now become a comfortable campsite.
  • The Explorer 2 SUV Tent is an affortable way to go camping and have fun.
  • This quality vehicle tent can be used anywhere you vehicle goes, a benefit in non-established camping areas.
  • Fits SUVs and minivans with liftgate rear panels less than 67" wide and without external spare tire.
  • Just drape tent over vehicle, use bungee cords to connect to tire wells, raise gat and you are finished.
  • Inverted "T" door zipper makes for easy in / out at rear of SUV.
  • Has no-see-um mesh insect screen and outer door panels that can be tied back.
  • Fabric is durable 5-oz. polyester.
  • Can be used even while vehicle is attached to most utility or boat trailers.
  • Includes carry / storage bag.
  • Universal vehicle sleeve fits all SUV's & Minivans; easily adjust the vehicle sleeve for a custom fit to your vehicle.
  • Roomy 9' x 9' camping tent with over 7' of headroom sleeps 4-5 people.
  • This Napier Backroadz SUV Minivan Tent offers superb weather protection with a bathtub style floor, zipper covers and large rain fly.
  • Easy to set-up with 3 shock-corded fiberglass poles.
  • 3 Large mesh windows on this SUV tent provides excellent ventilation.
  • Keep all your gear in your vehicle and sleep in the tent area.
  • Also give you easy access to a source for charging all your tech gadgets.
  • No-seeum screen on all openings.
  • Side windows are screens only and the rain-fly is used to cover them.
  • Door does have zippered cover.
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Sportz SUV 82000 4-5 Person Tent
Sportz Dome-To-Go Tent for CUV, Hatchback
Honda Genuine Factory OEM Camping Tent
Napier Sportz SUV, CUV 82000 4 to 5 Person Camping Tent
Sportz Dome-To-Go Tent for Hatchback, CUV or Stations Wagon
Honda Genuine Factory OEM Vehicle Camping Tent
  • This Sportz SUV Tent quicky transforms your SUV, CUV or Minivan into a comfortable home away from home.
  • This roomy Sportz CUV, SUV tent is 9' by 9' and sleeps 4-5 people with 7' of headroom in the center of the tent and 6' at the corners.
  • Sleeve attaches to the vehicle hatch area to convert the cargo space to additional sleeping area.
  • Or remove the vehicle sleeve from the liftgate area in order to transform this SUV tent into a ground tent.
  • Features new steel and fiberglass pole structure for one person set-up.
  • Tent has bathtub style floor for superb waterproofing.
  • Full length, taped seamed rain fly with a 6' by 6' awning for shade.
  • Cyclone venting system and tent has 2 skylights to give superb ventilation.
  • Includes an expandable carrying bag for storage.
  • Roomy 8.5' x 8.5' camping tent with over 6.5' of headroom that sleeps 4.
  • Attach to your Station Wagon, CUV or Hatchback cargo area for storage or additional sleeping space.
  • Easily adjust the sleeve of the Sportz Dome-to-go for a custom fit to your vehicle.
  • Transform the vehicle tent into a ground tent by fully removing the vehicle sleeve.
  • Tent has bathtub style floor for superb waterproofing.
  • GoBe Dry ultimate rain protection system.
  • Full tape seamed rain fly with a 6' x 6' awning for shade.
  • Storm flaps in windows for protection and privacy.
  • Guy rope lead outs for add stability.
  • 2 large entrace doors and 3 no-see-um mesh windows.
  • Cyclone venting system and skylight for superb ventilation.
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  • Use this tent to expand your interior cabin space past the tailgate by bringing your own camping system.
  • Floor of this camping tent is made from high-quality double-coated rip stop polethylene.
  • The Honda Genuine Factory OEM Camping Tent is used for: 2007-2013 CRV, 2003-2011 Element, 2005-2013 Odyssey and 2999-2013 Pilot vehicles.
  • You will have full access to your vehicle while inside the tent.
  • 10' x 10' tent sleeps 6 people.
  • 6 foot x 6 foot rainfly extends usable area and provides added protection for the entire roof.
  • Great for tailgating or as a shaded environment for outdoor gatherings.
  • Can detach from your vehicle for day trips from the campsite to run errands.
  • Can be used as a standalone ground tent.
  • Latern holder and gear loft inside tent.
  • 2 doors, plus vehicle pass-through.
  • 3 mesh windows, skylights for ventilation.
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More Favored Vehicle Camping Tents for Back of CUV, SUV, Station Wagon

DAC Full Size Truck Tent
Hasika Awning Camper Trailer SUV Beach

Kodiak Canvas Short Truck Bed Tent

DAC Full-Size Truck Tent
Haskika Awning Camper Trailer SUV Family Tent Shelter To Shield From Sun, Rain, Wind
Kodiak Canvas Short Pickup Truck Bed Tent for Camping.
  • Full size camper top tent for vehicles with tailgate width equal to or less than 58 inches.
  • Camper top tent fits some SUVs, sport utility vehicles and trucks with camper shells or caps, with a tailgate and rear window that raises up and out.
  • Fire Retardant.
  • The Camper Top Tent will not fit vehicles with external spare tire mounted on rear of vehicle.
  • Elastic shockcords with plastic coated hooks snug the tent tight against the truck body by hooking into the underframe and wheel wells..
  • Door panels tie back for maximum ventilation or zip closed for protection from the weather and privacy.
  • Inverted 'T' layout on no-see-um screens and two way zippers provide easy entry into rear of vehicle.
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  • The Hasika Awning car shelter is ideal for easily covering large picnic table-sized area to shield from sun, rain and wind.
  • This tailgater shleter is extremely lightweight and compact, Anti-UV and waterproof.
  • This simple shelter travels anywhere and sets up in a snap.
  • Set-up size: 138" L x 95" W x 118" H (highest point).
  • Also nice as a pet shelter while at events.
  • Material: 210T waterproof mesh / polyester fabric.
  • Included: Tent tarp, Rope, Tent Peg, Aluminum pole.
  • Vertical poles come apart so you can raise or lower as needed.
  • Rust proof poles.
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  • Pitch your tent anywhere your truck can go with the Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed tent.
  • This pickup truck bed tent is made of a superior, marine-grade, 100-percent cotton duck Hydra-Shield canvas.
  • The custom-woven, treated canvas is ideal for tents as the double-fill design is durable and strong, while the silicone, dry-finish treatment is watertight, breathable and durable.
  • You will stay comfortable and dry while camping even in a downpour.
  • Rated for all seasons this truck bed tent features five windows with no-see-um mesh for ventilation and light.
  • The tent's tunnel-shaped design maximizes interior space.
  • Offers a 5-foot ceiling height that lets you sit up comfortably.
  • Run a power cord from your truck cab to the tent through cab access window.
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Favored Roof Top Tents for SUV Camping

ARB ARB3102 Simpson III Brown SUV Rooftop Tent Annex / Changing Room
ARB ARB3201 Simpson III Roof Top Tents for SUV Camping, Sand
Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop Camping Tent with Annex Room | Car Top Camping Tents

ARB Simpson III Roof Top Tent Annex
ARB Simpson III Rooftop Tent, Sand

Tuff Stuff Overland Rooftop Campng Tents

ARB ARB3102 Simpson III Brown SUV Rooftop Tent Annex / Changing Room
ARB ARB3201 Simpson Series III Sand Roof top Camper Tent for SUV Camping.
Tuff Stuff Overland Car Top Camping Tents
  • The ARB annex is the perfect way to add a little additional living space to your roof top tent.
  • This additional zip on room will allow you to have a couple of extra cots for the kids to sleep downstairs or, it also provides a terrfic dressing room or concealed location to keep your waterless toilet.
  • The ARB Annex can be attached to any Series III ARB Simpson Rooftop Tent.
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  • The ARB Simpson III unfolds in minutes and provides sleeping quarters off the ground where you are protected from the elements.
  • Spacious and comfortable, all your bedding can remain inside the tent during your travels, freeing up vital storage space inside the vehicle.
  • This rooftop tent is manufactured from high quality poly/cotton fabric.
  • Includes built-in rainfly and insect screened windows and doors.
  • Comfortable 2.5" high density foam mattress with removable cover to facilitate cleaning.
  • Sturdy aluminum retractable ladder.
  • Can be configured to unfold off either side or rear of the vehicle.
  • Window awnings or rain fly supported on spring steel stays which allow for windows to be opened during rain.
  • Permanent air vents reduce condensation.
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  • This Tuff Stuff Rooftop tent is designed to provide the ultimate comfort and convenience when traveling to some of the most secluded camping locations.
  • Includes a thick foam sleeping mat pre-installed inside.
  • All bedding can be stored inside of the the folding tent to free up storage inside of your vehicle.
  • Free zip on Annex room included.
  • Sleeping area is more than large enough for 2 full sized adults.
  • Annex room can accommodate a queen size mattress, mat, folding cot or small table and chairs.
  • Retractable ladder can be folded away for increased space inside of the annex room.
  • 3 screened windows with awnings.
  • 280g Poly / Cotton Rip Stop Fabric with Waterproof coating.
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