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Inflatable Beds - Top Picks in Inflatable Beds

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If you love traveling or just have a lot of extra guests in your house on occassions then you will find inflatable beds to be just the thing to give you, your kids or your guests a good nights sleep.

Many people also find that an inflatable bed is more comfortable than a sleeping bag when they are camping out. There are even inflatable beds made for your SUV if you don't even want to sleep on the ground at all.

Inflatable beds come in twin, queen, king and toddler sizes. There are raised inflatable mattresses which make it easier to lie down on and get up from.

Aerobed Hi Rise Premium Queen Headboard Airbed
Aerobed Sleep Tight Inflatable Air Bed
Intex Pillow Rest Rising Inflatable Beds
Regalo My Cot Inflatable Beds for Kids, Travel, Spend the night, Grandma's House and more.


Whether you are looking at air beds for the first time or just looking for the best choice for your needs at this time, then I think we will have something that will work for you.

There are even nice comfy inflatable beds for your dog and car back seat protectors for your dogs.

Also you can take a nice relaxing dip in a warm hot tub with soothing bubbles.

Inflatable Beds Top Picks

How To Select The Best Inflatable Beds For Your Needs

An inflatable bed is easy to store, carry, inflate and deflate, therefore you can think of an inflatable bed as a portable bed. Most come with a carrying bag that makes them easy to transport when traveling and just store when not in use.

The inflatable bed can be an extra bed in hotel rooms when traveling or for guests inside your home. You want an inflatable bed that is durable, yet comfortable.

Here are some things to consider when selecting your inflatable bed:

  • Is the inflatable bed for a child or adult.
  • Do you plan to use the air bed indoors or outdoors. If planning on using your inflatable bed for camping then decide if you are going to sleep on the ground or in the car.
  • For adults do you need a twin, queen or king. Also, consider the weight of the occupants and check the inflatable beds weight capacity.
  • Age and health of the person that will be using the inflatable bed. Would a raised air bed be easier for them to lie down on and get up off of.
  • Built-in Pump or Manual inflation. It's call inflatable because it has to be pumped up. Would you prefer that to be build-in or do you already have an external pump you want to use.
  • Going along with the pump is how fast does the air mattress you are considering inflate and deflate. You really would like for that to be just minutes.
  • Other items - Things like storage bag, repair kit, memory foam cover, dual chambers and pillow.

Best Inflatable Beds Review

When you have a favorite inflatable bed then you will want to take it everywhere; camp sites, hotel rooms when you travel, family or friends' houses and even out hiking.

They feel so comfortable you will love to have an opportunity to sleep on your inflatable bed.

Inflatable bed for kids is also a great way to transition them from the crib to the big bed.

Below are some of the best in inflatable beds or air beds (mattresses) for you to chose from.

Popular Inflatable Bed Brands

Well known brands give people assurance that they are getting a quality product. There are several manufactures of inflatable beds that very well known in the industry.

Some focus more on children's beds while others like to specialize in inflatable beds for camping or outdoor use.

Inflatable Beds Product List

Get your inflatable bed today, you will enjoy it for years to come.

Other Bedding Solutions for Kids

Sleeping should be restful and for kids it is when napping in one of these sleep settings.

Inflatable Bed Categories



Inflatable Beds for Kids

The Shrunks Tuckaire Toddler Travel Inflatable Bed for Kids

Aerobed Sleep Tight Inflatable Bed for Children

Regalo My Cot Inflatable Bed for Kids

Diggin Thomas The Train Inflatable Bed for Kids

LazyNap Kids Air Bed





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