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Insta-Bed™ Inflatable Air Beds

Insta-Bed™ is a subsidiary of American Recreation Products, a Sun Capital Partners company. Their inflatable air beds are designed to give you a good night's sleep for all occasions. Insta-bed™ airbed's patented, built-in pump technologies provide a wide range of unmatched inflation / deflation characteristics.

Contents at a Glance

Insta-Bed™ Inflatable Air Beds

Insta-Bed Raised Inflatable Queen Size Air Bed
Raised Sure Grip Queen Size Air Mattress by Insta-Bed
3-in-1 Twin/King Combo Air Bed by Insta-Bed
EZ Bed by Insta-Bed Queen Size Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Stow N Go Inflatable Air Bed
Raised Pillow Top Air Bed by Insta-Bed

Inflatable Air Beds by Insta-Bed™

Insta-Bed Raised Queen Air Bed
Insta-Bed Raised Queen Sure Grip
Insta-Bed 3-in-1 Twin/King Combo Air Bed
Insta bed raised inflatable air bed queen size
Insta-bed Raised Queen Size Sure Grip Inflatable Air Bed
Insta-bed 3-in-1 Twin/King Combo Air Mattress
Insta-Bed EZ Bed - Queen Size
Insta-Bed Stow-N-Go Inflatable Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Pillow Top Raised Air Mattress
Insta-bed EZ Air Bed Queen Size Air Mattress
Stow-n-Go Insta-Bed Air Mattress
Insta-Bed Raised Pillow Top Mattress - Queen Air Bed

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