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Rollaway, Folding Cots with Mattress Ideas for Camping or Extra Guest Beds in Your Home

Jan. 13, 2021 - When the time comes for all those extra guests to come to your home for the holidays, a ball game or maybe to be with someone who is sick or elderly, you will need a comfortable place for them to sleep. If you don't have extra bedrooms with beds to accomodate them you can make some comforable sleep environments for them with a folding cot / bed with a mattress.

These folding cots are sturdy, have a nice foam mattress and fold up easily to store away for the next time guests come calling.

There are foldable cots available for short and tall people, as well as for kids. Check out the folding cot ideas below.

Contents at a Glance

A Collection of Fold Up Beds Cots with Mattress for Extra Sleep Space for Guests or Yourself

Comfy Coleman 30 x 80 ComfortSmart Deluxe Folding Camping Cot Bed with Foam Mattress for Folding Spare Beds for Guests
Coleman Queencot Inflatable Air Bed with Stand on Legs and Airbed Folding Cot for Indoors or Camping Outdoors
Coleman 69 x 25 ComfortSmart Twin Folding Cots Bed with Foam Mattress
Simmons Beautysleep Foldaway Bed Mattress, Twin Folding Cot with Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress supports up to 300 lbs
Lucid Folding Rollaway Guest Bed Cots on Wheels with 4 inch Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress, Lightweight
GigaTent Folding Comfort Camping, RV Cot with Mattress
Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Folding Bed Cot with Steel Frame, Pink
Millard Premium Folding Rollaway Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress, Guest Bed Rollaway with Sturdy Folding Frame
Cot Size Sheet Sets, Pink, White, Blue Sheets and Pillow Cases for Folding Cots
Milliard 4-Inch Tri-Fold Foam Mattress with Ultra Soft Removable Cover with Non-Slip Bottom, Twin
iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed
Luxor Twin Folding Bed on Frame with Cover

Popular Folding Beds, Cots with Mattress

Coleman ComfortSmart Deluxe Folding Camping Cot, Heavy Duty Steel Frame
Coleman QueenCot Bed Air Mattress Portable Folding Camping Bed and Cot on Stand
Coleman ComfortSmart Portable Twin Folding Guest Bed, Camping Cot
Coleman 30 x 80 ComfortSmart Deluxe Portable Folding Cot Bed Mattress Heavy Duty, Fold up bed for Guests or just extra bed space.
Coleman Queen Airbed and Cot Combo Portable Folding Guest Bed Queen Size Bed on Legs, Frame.
Comfortable Coleman COmfortSmart Portable Folding Guest Bed / Camping Cot with Mattress.
  • A 30 x 80 deluxe folding cot bed with superior comfort and a thick foam mattress and spring coil suspension by Coleman, use for guests, camping, etc.
  • This Coleman folding cot has a heavy duty steel frame and supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Fits heights up to 6' 6" which makes it good for most any guest you invite.
  • Traveling and want to take your own bed this ComfortSmart cot folds up to fit inside most car trunks.
  • Cot unfolded dimensions: 30" x 80" x 15"
  • Folded dimensions: 39.6" x 30.7" x 5.5"
  • ..."The mattress is about one inch of foam, covered in woven fabrics. The fabric on one side appears to be waterproof, while the other side is softer, quieter and more breathable."... Customer review excerpt.
  • The versatile design of the Coleman Queen Cot Air Bed is made for guests to sleep indoors or for camping outdoors.
  • This queen size inflatable air bed has side tables for items like glasses, drinks, etc. so you can keep them close at hand.
  • You can also separate the air mattress and the folding queen cot for double the sleeping space.
  • The included 4D battery pump helps to quickly deflate the air mattress and the cot folds up to go inside a carry bag for compact storage and easy transport.
  • Durable steel frame supports up to 600 lbs. for heavy people or multiple sleepers.
  • Great for extra guest or as a Coleman tent cot.
  • Raised, firm for your back and plenty of sleeping space with these Coleman inflatable sleeping cots.
  • Also available in single size cot.
  • This is the lesser expensive version of the ComfortSmart folding cot by Coleman.
  • This cot has the same durable construction and heavy-duty steel frame but is shorter (69") and supports up to 275 lbs.
  • This ComfortSmart portable folding cot fits heights up to 5' 7".
  • Same superior comfort, thick foam mattress and spring coil suspension.
  • Cot unfolded dimensions: 69" x 25" x 15"
  • Folded dimensions 34.3" x 25/4" x 5.5"
  • When folded fits most car trunks for transport.
  • Nice for shorter adults or children.
  • Good guest bed or when staying with another bed-bound person.
  • Wipe with damp cloth to clean.
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Simmons Beautysleep Foldaway Twin Folding Guest Bed Cots
LUCID Folding Rollaway Guest Bed Cots on Wheels with Folding Foam Bed Mattress
GigaTent Folding Comfort Camping Cot
Simmons Beautysleep Foldaway Twin Folding Foam Cots Guest Bed
Lucid Folding Rollaway Guest Bed Cots on Wheels with Memory Foam Folding Bed Mattress, Fold Away, Lightweight, Foldable, Easy Storage.
GigaTent Folding Camping Cot Mattress for tent camping or extra guest in your home
  • The BeautySleep Foldaway folding bed cot by Simmons has a memory foam folding bed mattress for the comfort of your guests.
  • A guest memory foam bed that has an ultra-plush honeycomb cover that provides the ultimate in sleeping comfort.
  • This folding foam bed is a nice choice for guest rooms, dorms, vacation homes and sleeping close to care for someone sick.
  • Mattress cover is removable for washing.
  • Spring suspension supports up to 300 lbs.
  • Contouring sleep surface on this folding cot with bed that won't sag.
  • Sleep cot Dimensions: 75" L x 26" W x 16" H
  • Fitted cot bed sheet works best.
  • more...
  • This rolling cot has a 4 inch memory foam mattress for you or your guest's sleeping comfort.
  • This cot bed has locking wheels for safety and CertiPUR-US certified memory foam for no harmful odors; bed is safe for children.
  • Heavy-duty bed frame comes with an impressive 25-year warranty.
  • This rollaway bed cot is a fold away bed and folds up for easy storage when not needed.
  • The rayon from bamboo cover is ideal for sensitive skin and will help regulate sleeping temperature.
  • The powder coated stell has a unique, lightweigh design for easy transportation.
  • Great folding spare beds for guests.
  • This GigaTent folding sleeping cot is good for camping or extra guest in your home.
  • The polyester deck doesn't create pressure points like wire or spring decks and the springs along the edge allows this cot to conform to your body.
  • A 1" foam mattress and steel springs provide you a good night's sleep.
  • The cot's u-shaped legs distribute weight to minimize the possibilty of damaging your tent floor.
  • Mattress is coated polyester on top with waterproof vinyl on the bottom for moisture protection and durability.
  • Dimensions: 69 " L x 24.8 " W x 14.2 " H
  • Good for RV or camping in some cars.
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Regalo My Cot Toddler Sleeping Cot, Pink
Millard Twin Size Rollaway Cots with Folding Bed Frame and Mattress
Cot Sheets (Fitted, Flat, Sets) & Pillow Cases
Regalo MyCot folding travel bed sleeping cots for children, Pink
Milliard Premium Folding Twin Size Rollaway Bed with Foam Mattress and Folding Bed Frame.
White, Blue and Pink Cot Sheets
  • This child's size Regalo My Cot with durable all steel frame and reinforced canvas bed liner includes a convenient carry case.
  • These sleeping cots for children have so many uses.
  • They are great for home, sleepovers, granny's house, the beach, hotels or daycare.
  • This children's sleeping cot is super portable with a folding steel frame, legs and lightweight design.
  • Machine washable pink matchng fitted sheet included with this toddler fold up bed.
  • Dimensions for this toddler travel bed: 48" L x 26" W
  • Supports up to 75 lbs. and recommended for ages 2 and up.
  • Also available in Navy
  • This Millard Premium folding rollaway bed can provide comfortable sleeping arrangements in a pince for those visitors who want to spend the night.
  • The metal frame of this bed folds out clamshell-style, so setup is easy.
  • Stablizing legs at each end are double-reinforced to make sure you are safe from falling during the night.
  • These folding guest beds includes a supple memory foam mattress with poly deck-style support for a good night's sleep.
  • Even though it is a rollaway bed it includes brackets to attach a headboard and footboard for a more permanent setup.
  • Twin bed dimensions: 75" L x 38" W x 16" H, folded just 12" thick .
  • Lightweigt and easy to fold and roll away.
  • Use this cot sheet set for your folding cot.
  • Set includes: 1 Fitted Sheet, 1 Flat Sheet and 2 Pillow Cases.
  • 60% Cotton / 40% Polyester.
  • Cot Bed sheets are perfect for your loved ones in the military or at camp.
  • These sheets and pillow cases stay soft and luxurious with less than 1% shrinkage.
  • Machine washable and tumble dry.
  • Available in White, Blue and Pink cot sheets.
  • These are cot sheets, not twin bed sheets.
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Milliard 4-Inch Tri-fold Foam Mattress, Twin
iBed in a Box Hideaway Folding Guest Bed
Luxor Twin Folding Guest Bed on Frame
Milliard 4" Tri-Fold Foam Mattress with Ultra Soft Removable Cover with Non-Slip Bottom, Twin Size
iBed in a Box Hideaway Fold Up Guest Bed
Luxor Twin Folding Bed with Cover. Cot Size for Guests and Personal Use.
  • This Memory Foam Folding Tri-fold mattress by Milliard allows you or your guest to get a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Simply unfold the foam bed on the floor in any room, mobile home, RV, tent, dorm room for a comfortable night's sleep.
  • The Milliard tri-fold mattres is ventilated for air flow to help regulate sleep temperature for maximum support and comfort.
  • The Milliard tri-fold mattress is constructed of 4" 3lb luxurious CertiPUR-US® certified foam for a great night's sleep.
  • When not needed for a while then the mattress folds neatly away in seconds for easy storage.
  • Fits twin size sheets.
  • Dimensions: 78" x 38" x 4"
  • more...
  • Simply unfold this iBed in a Box bed for a comfortable guest bed.
  • Folds to 5.5" thick for storage under a bed or standing up in a closet.
  • Strong folding steel bed frame and locking legs for stability.
  • Spring supported sleep surfce cradles a 2" deep foam mattress.
  • Dimensions: 14" H x 32" W x 75" L.
  • Suitable for children or adults up to 275 pounds.
  • Perfect for condos, vacation homes, guest bedrooms, camping, dorm rooms, trailers.
  • Uses twin sheets.
  • more...
  • Your guests will enjoy comfort, support and a good night's sleep on the Luxor Folding Rollaway Bed.
  • The mattress features a layer of memory foarm for additional support.
  • It has a flexile and durable premium wood slat foundation.
  • Made with a sturdy metal tue frame construction with wheel casters for mobility.
  • Cot bed easily sets up in seconds.
  • When cot is folded for storage use the cover that is made of durable, black polypropylene to keep dust, pollen, pet dander, etc. off your fresh, clean bed.
  • Cot open dimensions: 31.5" W x 79" D x 15.75" H.
  • more...
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Folding Cot Beds

Another great use for folding cot beds with a mattress is during emergencies. If bad weather stricks in your area you may need extra bed space for family, friends or even strangers during their time of need. You may give these people a place to sleep in your own house or at a church shelter that has been set up in your area for them.

Many people like to set up one of these cots in a bedroom where they have a sick family member so they can be close to them at night if they need anything.

And, of course, these are great extra sleeping arrangements for extra guest in your home.

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