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Wildkin Original Pink Big Dots Sleeping Bags with Pillow for Kids

Big Dots Wildkin Nap Mat for Children, pink big dots stay warm sleeping bag with matching pillow for girls.


Sleeping Bags - Wildkin Original Pink Big Dots Sleeping Bag for Girls

  • This cotton/polyester exterior pink big dots sleeping bag by Wilkin has a matching pink pillow for your child's sleeping comfort.
  • 30 inches wide and 66 inches long the Wildkin Sleeping Bag in Pink with it's comfy matching pillow is just the right size for childrens sleepovers and nap time.
  • This pink big dots youth sleeping bag is lined with a 100% stay warm cozy cotton flannel interior.
  • Includes a pink matching travel pillow.
  • Includes storage bag with elastic storage straps
  • Sleeping bag opens flat to top a bed.
  • Wildkin Sleeping bags are machine washable.
  • This child sleeping bag is great for children's sleepovers and living room campsites.
  • Naturally flame resistant; never treated with flame-retardant chemicals.
  • Suitable for a child up to five feet tall.
  • "Assorted patterns and colors available ..."
  • "Kids sleeping bags ..."
  • "Girls Pillow ..."


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Additional Patterns of the Children's Wildkin Sleeping Bag with Pillow

Wildkin Sleeping Bag with Pillow, Paisley Pink

Wildkin Original Out of This World Sleeping Bag with Pillow.

Wildkin Sleeping Bag with Pillow Horses in Pink

Product Description

Sept. 25, 2020 This kids sleeping bag by Wildkin includes a matching travel pillow. Four Wildkin sleeping bag patterns and colors are shown here that little girls will love, which are Pink Big Dots, Paisley Pink, Peace Signs Purple and Horses in Pink, all with a matching pillow for a good night's sleep.

Naturally flame resistant, the Wildkin sleeping bags are never treated with flame-retardant chemicals. Your little girl can snuggle up inside her cozy Wildkin Sleeping Bag and rest comfortable on the matching pink pillow. Great for sleepovers and living room campsites, the pink big dots pattern is a very popular one.

All the youth sleeping bags by Wildkin have a cotton/polyester exterior and are lined with 100% cozy cotton flannel. Suitable for children up to 5 feet tall. The sleeping bag will open flat to top a bed with as cover. They are machine washable.

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