Best Inflatable, Compressible Camping, Travel Pillows
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Best Lightweight Inflatable Compressible Camping, Travel Sleeping Pillow Ideas and Options One of Those Camping Accessories That Are Camping Essentials

Integrity Bedding Large Camouflage Memory Foam Camping Pillow
Nemo FILLOTM Best Camping Pillow for Backpacking & Camping Pillow
Bear Grylls Pack-It Camp Pillow - Blow up Packable Pillow for Camping
Thermarest Camping Compression Packable Pillow for Car Camping, Tent Camping and Travel.
Integrity Bedding Large Camouflage Memory Foam Camping Sleeping Pillow
Nemo FILLO™ Backpacking & Camping Pillow - (Available in Green, Grey, Horizon Blue and Nimbus Grey)
Bear Grylls Pack-It Camping Blow-up Pillow - Self Inflating
Thermapress Compressible Pillow - (Available in Denim, Advantage Max 4HD, Bramble, Geometric and Vermillion)
  • Feel more like at home with this camouflage memory foam pillow while at your outdoor camp site.
  • This pillow is resistant to dust mites, naturally antimicrobial and composed of open cell memory foam to ensure your head never feels the ground.
  • This large comfortable camping camouflage pillow has a water resistant cover.
  • Machine washable.
  • Dimensions: 23" H x 13" W x 5" thick.
  • This sidekick pillow is great in the backcountry, on an airplane or as lumbar support.
  • Nemo Fillo TM is soft and yielding, yet substantial enough for side sleepers.
  • A camping, backpacking pillow with air bladder and removable memory foam layer.
  • 3" thick inflatable cell with engineeered baffles for comfort.
  • Comes in green, horizon blue, grey and nimbus grey.
  • Nemo Fillo backpacking pillow
  • This self-inflating pillow gives you a combination of air and foam so that it can be easily adjusted for customizable comfort.
  • The size of this pillow makes it easily packable to take with you on camping trips, on the boat or when you travel.
  • This camping blow up pillow is made of 50D micro polyester stretch fabric.
  • Comes with a stuff sack so you can have a clean place to store it when not in use.
  • This Thermapress compressible camp pillow is made with polyester and filled with urethane foam and you can rest assured you'll be comfy no matter your location.
  • Packs smaller and expands bigger than ever.
  • Great little pillow for camping, traveling and car camping.
  • Comes in small, medium and large.
  • Available colors are Advantage Max 4HD, Bramble, Denim and Vermillion.

Wenzel One Travel / Camping Pillow, Lightweight.
Eagle Creek Travel Gear Cat Nap Transit Pillow
Stansport Outdoor 14" x 18" Portable Good Camping Pillow.
Therm-A-Rest Comp Pillow
Wenzel One Travel / Camping Pillow - (Stuff Sack Included)
Eagle Creek Travel Gear Cat Nap Transit Pillow - (Requires only two breaths to inflate with release valve to instantly deflate)
Stansport Outdoor 14" x 18" Portable Camp Pillow - (Soft Flannel plaid outer shell with stuff bag included.)
Therm-A-Rest Compressible Pillow - (Available in Indigo, Night Sky, Poppy and Denim)
  • The picture may not inspire much in the way of cuddling up for a good night's sleep but it really is nicely shaped and very comfortable.
  • This 12" x 20" camp pillow rolls up nicely for packing in its bag.
  • Good Camping Pillow that is Lightweight.
  • Stuff sack is a little too large but you can use the extra space for your sleeping attire.
  • This inflatable pillow has a soft micro-fleece covering.
  • Only takes a couple of breaths to inflate.
  • Release valve to instantly deflate.
  • Folds into itself for easy storage.
  • Easy adjust valve for custom support.
  • Also great for air travel.
  • The Stansport outdoor camp pillow features a soft flannel outer shell with chemical free polyester hollow fiber fill.
  • This portable camp pillow is lightweight (weights only 7 ounces.)
  • Machine washable
  • Includes stuff bag.
  • Generous size: 14" x 18"
  • This compressible pillow has a generous size (16.5" x 27") for home like comfort when you are traveling or camping.
  • Foam expands big and packs small.
  • Available colors: Indigo, Night Sky, Poppy and Denim.
  • Fluffs up well.
  • Packs really small for your hiking backpack or carry-on.

Inflatable Camping Pillows at a Glance....

Integrity Bedding Large Lightweight Camouflage Memory Foam Camping Sleeping Pillow
Nimo Fillo™ Sidekick Backpacking and Camping Pillow
Bear Grylls Pack-It Camping Blow-up Self-Inflating Pillow
Thermapress Compressible Camp Pillow, Small, Medium and Large for Camping, Travel and Car Camping
Wenzel One Travel, Camping Pillow with Stuff Sack
Eagle Creek Inflatable Travel Gear Cat Nap Transit Pillow with Soft Fleece Covering
Stansport Outdoor Portable Camp Pillow with Flannel Outer Shell
Therm-a-rest Compressible Pillow for Travel and Camping


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