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Pet Bedding: Inflatable Air Mattress Bed Ideas for Pet, Puppy or Older Dog While Traveling, Camping, In The Swimming Pool

Mar. 17, 2021 - If you are looking for a comfortable bed solution for your pet, be it a puppy or older dog then you will like one of these inflatable mattress travel pads for them. They are especially great when traveling in your car or rv with your dog, for in home use and even in the tent when you and your pet go camping or hiking together.

This bedding solution is lightweight, easy to carry, durable and usually water resistant, not to mention that they are the ultimate in comfort for your four legged friend.

People love their pets and want them to be comfortable also, as they tag along and keep their human friends safe and from being lonely. Check out and review the inflatable pet beds below.

A Collection of Inflatable Air Mattress Beds for Puppies, Dogs, Big and Small Pet Companions

9 Inflatable Beds for Your Pet

Ruff and Tuff Self Inflating Mattress Travel Dog Bed with Fleece Top for Home, SUV, RV, Tent
Inflatable Collar Dog Soft E-Collar Pet Puppy Protection Protect Cone Small Size
Hugs Pet Chilly Mat Cooling Dog Bed Indoor Outdoor Cool Gel Pad Vinyl-Chillz Mats, Medium, Large and XL
Hugs Pet Products Puff Pad Dog Self-Inflating Pet Bed
Outdoor Inflatable Dog Bed
Selkirk Inflatable Portable Dog Air Bed and Cover
Dog Helios Inflatable Outdoor Camping Travel Waterproof Pet Dog Bed Mat
ChuckIt Fetch Games Pet Travel Bed
SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float, Small
Back Seat Covers for Dogs

Popular Inflatable Air Mattress Beds for Pets Big and Small

Ruff and Tuff Self Inflating Travel Dog Bed with Fleece Top
Inflatable Collar Dog Protection Cone, Small
Hugs Pet Chilly Mat Cooling Dog Bed Gel Pad, Medium, Large and XL
Ruff and Tuff Self Inflating Dog Bed Travel with Fleece Top, Puppy, Pet, Puncture and Water Resistant Mattress Base.
Inflatable Dog Collar Protection Cone for Pet
Keep Pets cooler with the Hugs Pet Chilly Mat Cooling Dog Bed Indoor Outdoor Cool Gel Pad Vinyl, Chill Mats, Medium, Large, Extra Large.
  • This 32" x 42" inflatable dog bed to travel with your dog is 1 1/2" thick when inflated and has a durable puncture and water resistant mattress base.
  • This air bed has cushioned sides and a removable thick soft fleece top in order to provide the ultimate in comfort for you pooch.
  • The easy to roll up self deflating mattress closes securely with straps to a 32" by 6" size for convenient storing and travel with your pet friend.
  • To inflate, simply unroll and twist open the nozzle for mattress to self inflate.
  • Comes in Charcoal, Brown/Tan and Green/Dark Brown colors.
  • "small dog inflatable bed..."
  • Even though this is not an inflatable dog bed it is a nice inflatable product for your dog who is recovering from surgery and is such a better alternative to the hard plastic cones that most Vets use.
  • It is comfortable, inflatable cone and does not interfere with your dog's peripheral vision or their ability to eat and drink.
  • It is washable, scratch and bite-resistant and will not mark up floors or furniture.
  • Material is environment-friendly PVC plus short plush outer circle.
  • Small size; 22 x 23 cm.
  • Neck circumference: 15-25 cm.
  • Also available in Medium and Large size.
  • Inflatable dog collar cone for dogs to prevent biting at stitches or incision.
  • The Hugs Pet Products Chilly Mat keeps your pet cool on the warmest days.
  • This unique gel pad stays 5 degrees lower than the air temperature which gives your dog a cool place to relax.
  • It does not require refrigeration to work but it can be refrigerated with no harm to the pad.
  • The pad is easy to roll or fold making it convenient to take with you anywhere.
  • Use it indoors or outdoors.
  • Sizes; Medium (19.5" x 15.5" x .75"), Large (36" x 20" x .75"), Extra Large (38" x 32" x 0.5").
  • Soft and great for older pets with joint pain.
  • Puncture resistant-paws cannot destroy material.
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Hugs Pet Products Self-Inflating Pet Bed
Outdoor Inflatable Dog Bed
Selkirk Inflatable Dog Air Bed and Cover
Easy to use Hugs Pet Products Puff Pad Dog Self Inflating Pet Bed.
Outdoor Inflatable Dog Bed for draft free elevated comfortable sleeping.
Selirk Inflatable Portable Dog, Puppy, Pet Travel Bed Mattress, Blow up Dog Bed.
  • The Puff Pad is easy to use. Simply twist the knob and watch as it inflates (about five minutes). Once the Puff Pad is inflated, twist the knob to close and let your pet relax.
  • Roll-up straps that lock in place and a handy tote bag make the Puff Pad a great product to take with you anywhere.
  • Made from water, claw and puncture resistant material.
  • If you and Fido love the great outdoors, be sure to bring the Puff Pad along for your next adventure, you dog will love you for it..
  • "inflatable pet beds, small dogs ..."
  • Elevated bed - this bed is not a full air mattress. It's hollo and there is breathable mesh material in the middle, plus it's double-layer air filled. Keeps you pet away from the ground and cool in the summer.
  • Size: After full inflation, the size is about 34" x 26" x 9", which is suitable for small to medium dogs. Is a little small for large dogs.
  • Air pump (not included) recommended for inflation.
  • When deflated, fold for storage or transportation. Easy to carry.
  • "elevated pet bed..."
  • This portable and inflatable dog bed and cover will give your best friend a rest in style.
  • A heavy duty inflatable pad inside the cover, which zips closed to protect the pad.
  • Also includes a detachable dog blanket.
  • The inflatable pad inflates to approximately 1.5 inches thick and has a screw open and close air valve for quick and easy inflation.
  • Bed bottom is made with an anti-slip material to hold steady on slick surfaces, like a tent floor.
  • "air mattress dogs ..."
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Small, Medium Dog Helios Inflatable Outdoor Camping Travel Pet Dog Bed
Chuckit Fetch Games Travel Bed for Pets
SwimWays Paddle Paws Dog Pool Float
Small and Medium Pet Inflatable Dog Bed
Chuckit Fetch Games Travel Bed for Large to Small Dogs, good camping dog bed for you camping companion.
SwimWays Paddle Paws Inflatable Dog Pool Float, Small.
  • The Helios Aero-Inflatable outdoor cordura-nyco travel folding dog bed features a waterproof PU coated outer shell that is very lightweight.
  • This inflatable dog bed is durable, tear-proof, abrasive-proof and easy to clean.
  • Easy to inflate / deflate making them perfect travel beds for your pet.
  • Completely rolls up and buckles shut and can attach to most outdoor travel backpacks.
  • Product dimensions: Small: 25.19" L x 18.89" W x 3" H. Medium: 38.97" L x 29.92" W x 3" H.
  • Available in Black, Blue and Orange colors.


  • Even though this is NOT an inflatable pet bed it is a very popular easy care travel bed for your canine freind.
  • This travel bed for your dog is completely machine washable and is great for camping trips, hunting trips or vacations to most anywhere.
  • It is also great to use in your car or RV.
  • This bed has polyester microfiber on top that offers a soft and suede feel and a durable ripstop nylon cover on bottom.
  • No clumps during the laundering process due to the double offset quilting throughout.
  • Bed is 30" x 39" in size and comes with a 9" x 15" nylon stuff sack.
  • Note: this item is not an inflatable air bed.
  • Your furry best friend will love having their very own float with the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws pool float for dogs.
  • This dog float features a paw-and-claw-friendly fabric covering and puncture resistant construction.
  • Easily folds flat and compact for portability and storage.
  • The patented inner spring provides greater stability and comfort in the water, so your dog can chill along side you in the pool.
  • For small dogs under 65 pounds.
  • With the SwimWays Spring Float Paddle Paws float will enjoy floating with you all summer long.
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