Toddler Bedding and Blankets Ideas for Girls
Cute and Cuddly Blankets and Bedding for Girls to use during sleep time...

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June 3, 2020 - Pretty and colorful sheets and blankets make little girls, from toddlers to teens, giggle and smile. They love to snuggle down under colorful bedding covers and talk with the characters in the themes on their sheets, pillow cases, blankets and comforters.

Each child has their favorite character whether it be Elmo, Dora, Tinkerbell, Disney Princess or others that they love to have join them in their bedroom at night or during the day while playing.

Below you can find some of the most popular character themes in blankets and bedding for little girls that are sure to put a smile on your child's face.

Girls Bedding and Blankets at a glance...

Carter's Velour Sherpa Blanket, Pink Zebra Safari - Green Elephants, Pink Zebras and Monkeys
Sesame Street Twin Plush Red Elmo Blankets for Toddler Bed Girls
Disney Princesses Microplush Twin-size Sherpa Throw Blank, Pink for your daughter's room
American Kids Princess Plush Blanket, Pink, for Girls Room
Dora Free Spirit 62" x 90" Blanket for Girls Bed
Precious Disney Princess Little Mermaid of the Waves Blanket for Kids, Girls Bedding
Hello Kitty Twin Size Sherpa Plush Blanket for Girls
Popular Disney Tinkerbell Powder Purple Bedding Comforter Set for Your Daughter's Room
Fairies Butterfly Sparkle Micro Raschel Blanket for Your Little Girls Room
Disney Minnie Mouse Blanket for Kids
My Little Pony 62" x 90" Twin Plush Blanket for Young Girls
Doc McStuffin Disney Hugs Young Girls Blanket
Best in Colorful Wildkin Sleeping Bags with Pillows

Carter's Printed Velour Sherpa Blanket - Pink, Soft and Cuddly for your little girl. Snuggle-me Blank with Pink Zebra Safari, Green Elephants, Pink Zebras and Monkeys on White Valour Background.
Sesame Street Twin Plush red Elmo Blankets for Toddler Girls Bed Blanket.
Girls Disney Princesses Microplush Twin-size Sherpa Throw Blanket.
American Kids Princess Pink Plush Blanket and Throws, Girls Room.
Carter's Velour Sherpa Blanket - Pink Zebra Safari
Sesame Street Twin Plush Elmo Blanket for Toddler Girls
Disney Princesses Microplush Twin-size Sherpa Throw Blanket
American Kids Princess 63" x 90" Plush Blanket - Pink, Girl's Room
  • This Snuggle-Me blanket by Carter's is great for wrapping up your little one to keep them warm and cozy.
  • Features green elephants, pink zebras and monkeys on white velour background.
  • Backside is a plush pink sherpa fabric with a faux pink suede binding.
  • Blanket is 100% polyester
  • Generous 30" x 40" size.
  • Machine washable and dryable for easy cleaning and care.
  • more...
  • Little girls love brightly colored and happy Sesame Street Elmo.
  • This twin sized blanket is 60" x 87".
  • Machine washable.
  • Thick and plush blanket that you might also choose to use as a comforter.
  • Genuine licensed merchandise.
  • more...
  • This soft and colorful Sherpa throw blanket is great for a little girl's bedroom or for cuddling under to watch TV.
  • Blanke is 100% polyester.
  • Colors: pink / yellow / green / blue.
  • Size: 60" W x 80" L
  • Machine washable.
  • Pattern: Licensed Disney Princesses.
  • Edging on blanket is whipstitched.
  • more...
  • This pink blanket is a fun and colorful blanket for your little girls room.
  • The American Kids' Princess blanket is 63" x 90".
  • Features: Crown, butterfly, heart and flower designs scattered on a pink background that any little girl will just love.
  • Machine washable.
  • more...

Dora and Boots Free Spirit Blanket for Little Girls
Disney Little Mermaid Princess of the Waves Blanket for Kids
Hello Kitty Microplush Sherpa Twin Size Throw Blanket for Girls
Disney Tinkerbell Power Purple Full Size Bedding Comforter Set for Girls Bedroom. Set includes Tinkerbell comforter, flat and fitted sheets and two pillow cases.
Dora Free Spirit 62" x 90" Blanket
Disney Little Mermaid Princess of The Waves Blanket for Girls
Hello Kitty Microplush Sherpa Twin-Size Throw Blanket
Disney Tinkerbell Powder Purple Full Bedding Set for Young Lady
  • For your little Dora the Explorer fan this blanket features Dora and Boots dancing.
  • Blanket is 100% Polyester
  • Measures: 62" x 90"
  • Soft, cuddly and colorful.
  • Little girls will find this a fun blanket.
  • more...
  • Your little girl can cuddle under this very soft blanket while Ariel and Sebastian swin through the sea.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Measures: 62" x 90"
  • Machine wash cold water; tumble dry.
  • more...
  • This twin size Sherpa throw blanket is great for those little girl Hello Kitty fans.
  • 100% Polyester
  • Measures: 58" W x 78" L
  • Machine washable
  • Whipstitched edge.
  • Licensed Hellow Kitty Throw
  • more...
  • My mother always had a love for Tinkerbell.
  • One Disney Tinkerbell Powder Purple full size comforter, flat and fitted sheets and two pillowcases bedding for girls room.
  • Sheets fit mattress 54" x 75"
  • Bedding is machine washable.
  • more...

Fairies Butterfly Sparkle Micro Raschel Blanket
Disney Minnie Mouse Blanket
My Little Pony Twin Plush Blanket for Kids
Disney Doc McStuffins Hugs Blanket for Kids
Fairies Butterfly Sparkle Micro Raschel Blanket
Disney Minnie Mouse Blanket for Kids
My Little Pony 62" x 90" Twin Plush Blanket for Girls
Doc McStuffins Disney Hugs Blanket 62" x 90"
  • This blanket features Tinkerbell and her friends (SilverMist and Iridessa).
  • Very warm and cuddly.
  • 100% polyester
  • Measures: 62" W x 90" L
  • Machine wash with cold water.
  • more...
  • And here we have Minnie Mouse in all her splendor.
  • Measures: 62" W x 90" L
  • Very colorful hearts background.
  • Bold colors bring Minnie to life.
  • Machine washable.
  • more...
  • This microraschel blanket features My Little Pony inside a heart with pink background.
  • This little girl's blanket is large and fluffy and very warm.
  • Measures: 62" W x 90" L
  • 100% Polyester Microraschel
  • more...
  • Here we have Doc McStuffins who is a 6 year old girl name Doc that communicates with toys and fixes them in her backyard.
  • Measures: 62" W x 90" L
  • Blanket is soft and cuddly.
  • 100% Polyester
  • more...
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Bedding Tips For Your Little Girls Room

If your making a bed for a small child then you probably would be best using a pillow that is flatter and softer. Not sure your child's bed wetting days are over, then be sure to add a waterproof mattress cover. If your child has any allergies then go with dust mite-proof materials, like cotton. If you use a big snuggly duvet then you may choose to leave off the top sheet giving you one less thing to deal with when making up the bed.

And don't forget that most little girls and boys love bright, colorful things and that includes their bed sheets, blankets and comforters. Pick a character theme that your child likes and delight them with that character on all their bedding.

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