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Majestic Pet Tan Universal SUV Pet Protector Cargo Liners for Dogs with Waterproof layer to keep your cargo area dry and clean.
Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs, Tan

Majestic Pet Black Universal Waterproof Layer SUV Cargo Liner for Pets, Black. Automotive Pet Liners for your SUV cargo area.
Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner, Black

Majestic Pet Tan Universal Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner for Dogs and Dirty Gear

This tan universal SUV cargo liner for dogs and other dirty, wet items that you haul around is made from durable waterproof ballistic nylon.

  • Use to protect your vehicle's cargo area from dirt, dog dander, spills and wet, muddy paws.
  • Cover may be wiped clean or machine washed and dryed in the dryer when your pet or you have been really dirty.
  • This waterproof cargo liner features multiple velcro fasteners on the underside to keep the liner in place.
  • Cargo Liner for your SUV comes in two colors: Tan and Black.
  • Dimensions 50" Long by 52" Wide.
  • Works for lots of messy things: sports gear, leaky groceries, work tools, etc.
  • Heavy duty liner that lays quite well in your cargo area.
  • Helps protect your vehicle carpet from stains and dirt.
  • You will probably find yourself ordering a second one.


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