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4Knines Waterproof SUV Cargo Liner with Durable Material for Dogs : Automotive : Pet Supplies
Quilted & Padded Waterproof SUV Liner

4Knines Quilted and Padded Waterproof SUV Liner for Pets with Bumper Guard, Water Resistant : Automotive : Pet Covers.
Quilted and Padded SUV Cargo Liner

Cargo Liner for SUVs Durable Waterproof Material, Unconditional Lifetime Warranty

This SUV cargo liner is made with heavy duty, waterproof, quilted and padded material to ensure it will stand up plus provide comfort for your pet.

  • High temperature rated non-slip backing will ensure that the cover will not move around or damage your seat.
  • Cargo cover will vacuum and wipe off easily.
  • Unconditional Lifetime Warranty and 100% Satisfaction guarantee.
  • Cargo Liner has 3 layers of PU waterproofing (safer than PVC).
  • There are adjustable reinforced straps with clips for easy installation.
  • Side flaps for additional protection of the cargo area and a bumper flap that extends down to protect your vehicle bumper from claw marks or scratches when loading and unloading your dog.
  • This pet cargo liner is padded to add an extra layer of protection.
  • Helps protect your vehicle cargo area carpet from stains and dirt.
  • Colorfast waterproof durable quilted material holds all dirt, pet hair and moisture on the cover and provides a comfortable ride for your pet.
  • Comes in Small, Large, Extra Large sizes and colors of Black, Grey and Tan.
  • Comfortable ride for your pet with a high-end feel and look.


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When you and your pets travel together in your vehicle you want them to be comfortable and since by nature some dogs can create a mess in your car you also want to protect your car's seats and carpet. You can solve both goals with a top notch pet cargo liner.

Actually your car's cargo area puts up with more than your four-legged friends going for a ride with you. There is all those groceries you haul, dirty sports equipment that the whole family needs and then there are all those dirty tools that you seem to need to haul from one place to another. And, if you want your trunk / cargo area to stay looking like new then you need to install something like one of these waterproof cargo liners. A nice padded / quilted one would be appreciated by your dog.

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