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SUV Quilted Cargo Liner for DogsDuragear Quilted SUV Cargo Liner Recycled Fabric Cargo Liner for your dog.

Quilted Cargo Liner for Pets2nd View SUV Cargo Liner, Quilted, Padded, Color Slate for your Pet and Dirty Gear.

Quilted SUV Cargo Liner (55" x 62") Color Slate *Recycled fabric SUV Cargo Liners

Made of high quality upholstery grade micro velvet fabric this cargo liner for your dogs and dirty gear is super soft yet extremely durable. Your dogs won't slip and slid around while traveling.

  • Adjustable headrest straps keep the liner upright against back of rear seats when they are in the upright position for total protection of floor and back of rear seats.
  • Extra cozy light quilted padding yet easy to machine wash and dry.
  • Durable micro-velvet provides a comfy bed and secure footing for your dog.
  • Cargo Liner comes in two colors: Sand and Slate.
  • The micro velvet pet cargo liner is water resistant, repels mud and water.
  • No PVC Coatings
  • Cover is easy to install.


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